Business Consulting

Take care of your core business; let GMC AG take care of the rest!

From the company founding process to succession planning and everything in between, GMC AG provides the services you and your company need.

You can book our services individually and may upgrade or downgrade at any time.

Our team speaks German and English. We are happy to employ interpreters for other languages to assist in communications upon request.

Company Foundations and Relocations

  • Company formation (CH / D / GB / USA / other countries on request)
  • Relocation of company headquarters (CH / D / GB / USA / other countries on
  • Establishment of company branches and subsidiaries
  • Search / selection of suitable business premises and local staff
  • Shared infrastructure can be booked with our local partners (e.g., office space in business centers, shared offices and co-working stations, telephone lines and internet connections)
  • Relocation service for your employees and, if applicable, their families and

Corporate Restructuring

  • Adaptation of corporate structures to changed corporate strategy, e.g., company name changes, corporate purpose changes, etc.
  • Analysis and optimization of business processes

Business Development

  • Business development worldwide
  • Development of business plans
  • Development of marketing strategies

Advice and Support for Start-Ups / Young Entrepreneurs

  • Tailor-made advice for start-ups, e.g., choice of the corporate form
  • Strategy development for young entrepreneurs

Succession Planning / Selling of your Company

  • Coaching the next generation of entrepreneurs during the transit phase
  • Advice on contracts in conjunction with the succession
  • Support with company sales, including the search for potential buyers and

Business Management Services in Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, and the United States

Additional countries on request

  • Tax returns, annual financial statements, balance sheets
  • Bookkeeping and payroll accounting
  • Registration and filing of periodical documents with compulsory social
  • Advice on elective insurance
  • Interim management services

Coaching and Crisis Management

  • Coaching and support for difficult negotiations
  • Cultural awareness coaching (Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, USA)
  • Mediation between business partners
  • Development of tailor-made strategies for your company in times of corporate,
    economic, or other global crises

Administrative Services

  • Handling of administrative processes for your company
  • Secretarial services, phone service for in-house clients

Online Consultations

  • Online consultations via video calls are available for all services mentioned